Guaranteed production and energy performance

Our company is specialized in drying and ventilation solutions for the paper industry.
We have always been committed to sustainability and all our solutions are designed and manufactured with this target in mind. 
We help the paper producers to focus on their energy efficiency and to save money.

Our dedicated approach to engineering, manufacturing, installation, start-up, and service enables a quick return of the investment to our customers. 
Our systems allow to reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the saving of CO2 and water. In this way, consumption and production costs are reduced. 
We are proud of our results and achievements with more than 450 plants designed and supplied around the globe. 


Your benefits

  • Energy saving: Our enclosed hoods guarantee exceptional insulation performance. Associated with heat
    recovery systems, they can reduce energy consumption up to 30%.
  • Production improvement: The perfect synergy between our systems allows to uniform the paper cross profile and, at the same time, to increase the drying capacity, reduce sheet stability problems and facilitate the tail passage.
  • Better working conditions: Our systems allow to the operators to work in optimal conditions, reducing noise, humidity and dust in the machine room.
  • Less Maintenance: Rational engineering, manufacturing process under our direct supervision and use
    of high quality materials and components: thanks to this, the maintenance required by our systems is very little and very easy to do.