Sheet stabilizers


Sheet stabilizers

Tailor-made solutions

The stabilization of the sheet is an extremely important factor in the drying process. The proper air distribution in the drying section ensures an even moisture profile of the paper and a high-quality product.

Lario Energy has developed a complete range of sheet stabilizers adapted to the modern paper machine speed and configurations.

Each stabilizer is designed to introduce dry air into the pockets by reducing the pocket humidity while controlling airflow that promotes drying and optimizes runnability.

With Lario Energy web stabilizers, wrinkles, sheet waving, edge lifting, frequent breaks, or a long down time due to tail threading problems are no longer an issue.

Thanks to careful optimization, with the same performance, our stabilizers require lower airflow and supply pressure than those of the most common solutions on the market. This allows you to install smaller fans and consume less power.


Sheet stabilizers range

The complete range of sheet stabilizers designed and manufactured by Lario Energy consist of:

Double fabric stabilizers and blowing boxes

·         TFSS: twin fabric sheet stabilizer

·         PVBB: pocket ventilation blowing box

·         TFHS: twin fabric high stabilizer

·         TFCB: twin fabric conditioning blowing

Transfer boxes

·         PTSS: press transfer sheet stabilizer

·         DTSS: drying transfer sheet stabilizer

·         FXSS: fabric transfer sheet stabilizer

Salom fabric stabilizers

·         SFSS: slalom fabric sheet stabilizer

·         SFTS: slalom fabric twin stabilizer

·         SFDX: slalom fabric double stabilizer

·         SFHU: slalom fabric high vacuum

·         SFTSHU: slalom fabric twin stabilizer high vacuum

·         SFCB: slalom fabric conditioning box